Sean Sagers - Bass

Sean first discovered jazz on the urban streets of Chicago. At first strange to him, the melodies flowing from the tenor saxophone of the street performer soon captivated his six-year-old ears and struck a resonant chord with his blossoming love for music. A trained pianist, Sean began playing bass at age 15, and has since performed in a varied assortment of musical ensembles ranging from hard rock to classical strings. At heart, however, Sean is a jazzer. Influenced by the likes of Duke Ellington, Stan Getz, Thelonious Monk, Dave Brubeck, and Benny Goodman, Sean feels most at home in an intimate jazz combo. "Jazz is profound," he concludes, "It's the purest form of musical dialogue a musician can ever experience."​

Parker "Butterscotch" Robinson - Saxophone

Parker was raised in a musical household. Both his parents are musicians; and hearing the styling of Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire, and a variety of jazz artists sparked his love for music. A need for a baritone saxophone player in his junior high school jazz band influenced his change from alto. From his first note he would always be a convert to the deep, rich, soul of the bari sax. Parker is a Commercial Music major at BYU, with emphases in audio engineering and jazz studies. Parker married his high school sweetheart, Alaura, and together they enjoy going to the movies and discussing the intricacies of "Doctor Who." 

Shane McQuarrie - Trumpet

Shane has been playing the trumpet for over a decade and has been focusing on jazz since 2008. A native of Provo, Utah, Shane studies applied and computational mathematics, computer science, music, and Spanish at Brigham Young University, and somehow still finds time to practice between classes and homework. He is the current lead in the trumpet section of the world-traveled jazz ensemble Synthesis. Shane enjoys ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, problem solving, and most of all, jamming at a gig with good friends.


Christian Sagers - Drums

Christian got his first exposure to what would eventually be a lifetime passion as a young child watching the Chicago Symphony perform. He loved the guys in the back banging on whatever they could, and he decided that he wanted to do the same thing one day. Years later he has enjoyed playing percussion for groups of all shapes and sizes, both in and outside of school. He is currently studying at Brigham Young University and loves to learn new things. Above all else, though, Asian food and listening to good music are his favorite passions. 

Jacob Potter - Piano

Coming soon!